PD Guidelines and Forms

Next PD Meetings: Jan 25, Feb 08 & 15, March 8 & 22

Deadline to email your application: the day prior to the PD meeting at noon (no hard copies will be accepted)

Professional Development (PD) at Camosun College is a shared responsibility.  Faculty members, the College and the CCFA PD Committee play important roles in maintaining and supporting the professional competence of faculty.

The PD Fund is a negotiated right under the CCFA Collective Agreement.  Its intent is to support those activities which aid in the process of growing in professional competence of faculty.  As these funds are not considered a taxable benefit, they cannot be used toward personal development activities.  If you are unclear about whether your activity is considered personal development or professional development, contact the PD Committee representative for your school, the PD Chair or the CCFA Office.

More information about the Collective Agreement language relating to professional development funds can be found in Clause 10.02 of the Local Agreement and Article 16 of the Common Agreement.

When planning a PD program, faculty should be aware of the Collective Agreement provision which relates to faculty development – Clause 10.01 – 10.03.  Approval by College Administration does not automatically entitle a faculty member to funding though the PD Committee; nor does approval for funding by the PD Committee ensure College Administration will approval a leave.  These are separate matters.