Committee membership is outlined in the CCFA Collective Agreement, in Appendix A. The committee meets bi-weekly throughout the school year to review and assess the merits of all requests for use of professional development funds. The committee encourages and promotes in-house professional development activities and establishes guidelines for administration of the professional development program.

2017/18 Professional Development Committee:

Chair: Elizabeth West , ELD 370-3691 –

  • Jacquie Conway CETL & CCFA Rep)
  • Blair Fisher (A & S Rep)
  • Larry Anthony (A&S Rep)
  • Karen Giffon (Bus Rep)
  • Mandy Hayre (HHS Rep)
  • Gill Atkinson (Access Rep)
  • Gwenda Bryan (Lib Rep)
  • Barb Severyn (Admin Rep)
  • Tim Walzak (Admin Rep)
  • Vacant: T&T and one from areas other than the above