Committee membership is outlined in the CCFA Collective Agreement, in Appendix A. The committee meets bi-weekly throughout the school year to review and assess the merits of all requests for use of professional development funds. The committee encourages and promotes in-house professional development activities and establishes guidelines for administration of the professional development program.

2021/22 Professional Development Committee:

Chair: Blair Fisher, A&S  

  • Martha McAlister, CETL Rep
  • Sarah Cockburn, A&S Rep
  • Neil Stubbs, A&S Rep
  • Stephen Scott, BUS Rep
  • Danielle Davis, HHS Rep
  • Gwenda Bryan, Learning Services
  • Elizabeth West, Access Rep
  • Scott Li, T&T Rep
  • Laura Hadwin, CCFA Rep
  • Barb Severyn, Admin Rep
  • Ken Kosik, Admin Rep