Standing Committees

Contract Management Committee

Contract Negotiating Committee

Professional Development Committee

Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee


FPSE Committees

President’s Council  –  Rep:  Lynelle Yutani (ex-officio)                                         

Bargaining Coordination (BCC) – Rep:  Kelly Pitman (ex-officio)

Contract Administration Review (CARC) – Rep:  Jeanne Iribarne (ex-officio)

Professional and Scholarly Development (PSDC) – Rep:  Blair Fisher (ex-officio)

Disability Management & Rehabilitation (DMRC) – Rep: Dave Pritchard

Decolonization, Reconciliation, Indigenization (DRIC) – Rep: Ruth Lyall

Education Policy (EPC) – Rep: Deidre Murphy

Human Rights and International Solidarity (HRISC) – Rep: Francis Adu-Febiri

Non-Regular Faculty (NRFC) – VACANT

Pension Advisory (PAC) – Rep: Jennifer Levecque

Status of Women (SWC) – Rep:  Eva Silden

Workplace Health, Safety & Environment (WHSEC) – Rep: Emah Christiansen


Joint Committees

Joint Occupational Safety & Health (JOSH)

CCFA Rep: Margit Strobl

Joint Rehabilitation 

Rep: Dave Pritchard

Scheduled Development 

Rep: Blair Fisher, Judith Hunt and Patricia Larose

Other Representatives: Child Care Services Board

Rep: Michelle Jaworsky


FPSE College Pension Plan Trustee: Candace Fertile