President: Lynelle Yutani
Vice-President: Jeanne Puritch                                                                                                               Secretary: Sue Doner                                                                                                                        Treasurer: Mandy Hayre                                                                                                                   
CMC Chair: Jeanne Iribarne
CNC Chair: Kelly Pitman                                                                                                                                PD Chair: Blair Fisher
Members at Large: Chris Ayles, Erin DiBattista, Michael Stewart

Your Executive is responsible to:

  1. Implement the decisions made by the Association
  2. Conduct the business of the Association between meetings
  3. Investigate and report on matters of interest to the Association
  4. Appoint ad hoc committees and representatives as required from among the members to study important matters and prepare reports for the Executive
  5. Produce a budget of anticipated revenues and proposed expenditures for the fiscal year
  6. Publish a schedule of Regular General Meetings for the year on or before September 15th of each year.

Minutes of General and Annual General Meetings are available upon request.